F.B. Washburn Candy Products

Sevigny's Thin Ribbon Candy 9oz.

Sevigny's Thin Ribbon Candy 7oz.

FB Washburn Candy makes Sevigny's Thin Ribbon Candy.
Available in 9 or 7 oz boxes.

Sevigny's Peppermint Ribbon Candy 4oz.

Do you love peppermint? FB Washburn makes Sevigny's Thin Peppermint Ribbon Candy, using 100% natural peppermint flavor.
Available in a 4oz box.

FB Washburn Old Fashioned Hard Candy 16 oz.   FB Washburn Old Fashioned Filled Candy 16 oz.

FB Washburn's Old Fashioned Hard Candy and Old Fashioned Filled Candy are available in an 16 oz canister.

FB Washburn's Yummy Pops

Our Yummy Pops and Beauty Pops have been a favorite treat for generations.

Contact us for bulk packaging information.

  FB Washburn Candy Yummy Pops

For those interested in purchasing small quantities of our candy — please order from Ribbon Candy Man.